Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Putin's Patriotism

On the same day when Putin declared that he holds patriotism to be the highest or principal value, he called German Chancellor in order to send to the DPR and LPR directives on how they need to vote--and submit to Ukraine's sovereignty as represented by his dear "partner," Pyotro Poroshenko, and its Banderite junta. The next day, he meets his "old friend" (Putin's expression), Henry Kissinger, one of his declared old advisers (and undeclared) handlers. Last September, he hosted his other old friend Berlusconi in Crimea where the two laid together a wreath to the "eternal memory" of the Italian soldiers who died--when invading and attacking Russia.

In this regard, if one wants to admire and adore Putin, one should also--at least for the sake of integrity and honesty--also emulate Putin's preferences such as:
1. utterly liberal governments of his (all of them)
2. Berlusconi
3. the Minsk deal
4. Kissinger
5. thieving and corrupt oligarchs
6. Poroshenko ...

And don't forget--when it comes to decide issues concerning the Russians under the Nazis in Ukraine, Putin is not asking them--he already showed that he ignores or rejects the Donbass referendum. Instead of asking the Russians there, he goes for advice to Merkel ... or Kissinger.

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