Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Soviet Union is dead, since then Russia has lost many people, much of wealth as well as principles and virtues. Now the would-be Novorossiya Revolution/Renaissance and national-liberation movement is effectively dead as well. In this situation, one would like to say "Long live ..." but what exactly the new life and future is there to greet?

Just few days before Alexey Mozgovoy was killed on May 23, 2015 (I remember this date well because Mozgovoy was an epiphany of a new Russian leader so badly needed and called upon by history itself, but cut down by the Kremlin's Vagner group or similar outfit), Oleg Tzarev announced the death and demise of Novorossiya. Now almost two years later, there is no political force or leader of note to keep the idea alive.

The defeat of the Novorossiya is and has been also in part (or in the background) a defeat of the lingering patriotic elements in the Russian military, trying to resist some of the late convulsions of a dying, defeated body. The so-called political managers and ruling oligarchs did not have much trouble to turn this into an ever bigger macabre circus.

The organization and movement once led by Igor Strelkov is in disarray and effectively reduced to a sliver of shadow. To be fair, this has been again much pre-ordained by the basic fact that neither the West nor the Kremlin, in its own way, ever lost control over the management and use of the Ukrainian crisis and of the limitations and box into which Strelkov’s own organization has been placed, pushed and contained. One of the most fateful decision was Strelkov’s partnership with Egor Prosvirnin, an agent and intellectual-provocateur, and his equally provocative and fascist-sounding platform Sputnik and Pogrom.

These very days Prosvirnin gave at last an ultimatum to Strelkov-Girkin to have the remnants of his movement fully  subordinate to Prosvirnin and his anti-Soviet, anti-communist proto-fascist nationalism. As a result, the two expelled each other from their organizations.

The other significant and now insurmountable liability (in additions to others which I will pass in silence) is Strelkov’s well known/notorious Tsarist monarchism, which is politically and ideologically anachronistic (and also, frankly) atavistic. Resurrecting the White Guards and their counter-revolutionary ethos when a genuinely people’s mobilization for social justice and equality were and are objectively needed has been objectively aiding the oligarchs, the Kremlin and the Brzezinski grand strategy to see Russia go the way Carthage had gone at the hands of the original Roman Empire. Again, to be fair, except for Mozgovoy who was murdered, no charismatic leader who would respond to the demands of the time has emerged.

Furthermore, the situation on the part of the left, still massively destroyed by the betrayal from within the Communist Party of the Soviet  Union and the political degeneration of the left in the West is such that great theoreticians and leaders on the left are absent as well.

So there are no means, no true leaders and no true ideas or strategies. Zyuganov and his “communists” are but a post mortem caricature.

BTW, Strelkov like his organization has also been left without any means to speak of. That’s why a while ago (to the glee of the Ukrainian nationalists) he was asking for work and, then, as a result, started working as a security detail.

On the other side, if you wish so, you can google and find the breathtaking and equally tasteless palaces which Russian oligarchs, (former) KGB/FSB insiders, mafia dons and top bureaucrats have built to themselves and their children in Russia as well as outside of Russia, while reducing well being of most Russians to that of a poor developing country.

In this situation and with D. Trump’s win, the Kremlin and Putin has been reduced to a feeble claim that, despite of everything, Putin is at least “a good Christian and a very good capitalist.” Speaking of which, if you check the statistics provided by the World Bank, Russia under Putin has lost over $1 trillion (almost half) of its yearly GDP if 2016 is compared with 2013. Italy’s GDP is now higher, and Russian salaries are below the Romanian level.

Of course in all this, the Putinist regime and the Putinists (whether trolling for the Kremlin or covering Putin for the West) continue and will continue making ever new Potemkin villages good for village idiots.

In many ways, the US needed and deserved someone like D. Trump. Post-Yeltsin Russia did deserve Putin and his crew of mafia oligarchs, but it needed them much like a sick patient “needs”  terminal cancer on top of all his other ills.

And since D. Trump and his vision did come as if it were out of nowhere or out of blue, one may also at least wonder (Platonically) what a Russian analogue to Trump might or might have been. However, over the years Russian comprador oligarchy became “good” at universal degradation of the country, while otherwise showing remarkable impotence to do the right things. D. Trump was able to finance his quest, which does look a bit like a regime change, from his own business empire. In Russia, the good people are on their own and left only with their new oligarchic chains.

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