Thursday, January 26, 2017

Putin and the Kremlin presented and tried to impose on Syria in Astana, Kazakhastan, hold on ... a new Syrian Constitution which would change Syria's constitutional order and even Syria's official name. Mind you, since 1991, Russia has been a defeated colony and now, for the sake of Russia's own masters and handlers, is trying hard to fix new colonialism for Syria as well

The Kremlin presented Syria in Kazakhstan with a draft of a new "Syrian Constitution"!!! Putin's draft of a new Syria and her new constitution also includes a change of Syria's official name, by dropping the word Arabic from the name--thus instead of the Syrian Arab Republic, just the Syrian Republic.

Putin's draft also tries to make the office of the Syrian President and his powers much weaker than now, moving some of the powers to the parliament, which, especially now in the situation of war and the ongoing attack on Syria by ISIS and al Qaeda assisted by the US and NATO, goes like all the proposals well in favor of what the West has demanded, but against the effectiveness and principles of the unity of command.

Moreover, just like in the Russian colonial Constitution of 1993, written by the US or by CIA constitutional experts, Putin's draft of the new Syrian constitution, prescribes that international agreements must have priority and decisive power over any Syrian laws.

Under Putin's draft, the Syrian Arab Army would be prohibited to be involved in political conflicts and "to act against the people," which would again perfectly serve the ongoing rhetoric of the West and the Arab depots who have been accusing the Syrian government and the Syrian of doing just that--thus painting defense of Syria and its people as attack on the people. Thus the Kremlin tries to inject formally justified ideas which, under the existing conditions, would serve as a Trojan Horse, that could and is likely intended to be used to disarm Syria and deprive Syria of its own army against al Qaeda and its allies.

The Kremlin's draft of a new Syrian Constitution also includes a provision for changing borders of Syria, which hardly any constitution of other states includes. Change of borders (according to the draft by means of otherwise unspecified "referendum") could also be used as a vehicle for carving up and dividing Syria. PS: Would Russia too want to add to its Constitution a clause on changing its borders (which Gorbachev, Medvedev and Putin already did vis-a-vis to the US, Norway and China by executive orders) or on splitting up and carving up Russia?

Putin's draft also included a provision for "impeachment" or removal of the Syrian President.

Russia's draft of the new Syrian Constitution is thus an open crude attempted interference in the Syrian affairs and has new attempted colonialism written all over it: Which state or foreign government is entitled or in the right to write a constitution, the main law of the land, for another foreign people and state?

Moreover, the Russian proposed new Syrian Constitution is in essence just another form of the demands made by the US, and especially John Kerry, who is no longer even the US State Secretary. Putin and the Kremlin is thus trying to hold on the Obama-Kerry "pacification" of Syria via Putin and to press on Syria and its government as much, even by presenting itself (the Kremlin) as a "writer" and "author" of a new Syrian Constitution.

All the "pro-Syrian" Putinists out there who tried and will try to defend this blunt and crude colonial imposition in the interest of the architects of the war on Syria by Qaeda and ISIS are truly scums.

Meanwhile, D. Trump is clearly mulling "safe zones" for Syria. Where? Safe from whom? From the Syrian government and the Syrian Army? And by whom enforced and policed? By the US? Safe zones would make Astana talks irrelevant and mute unless Putin can impose on Syria his new "Syrian Constitution" which the Kremlin has drafted and just introduced and which RT now keeps intensively promoting: Look it promises the freedom of speech! Look it also promises the right to education! (See RT in Russian) All the while pushing Syria to accept a key new rule that "international agreements" (like Munich deals?) overrule and override any Syrian legislation or Syrian sovereign decision.

СМИ рассказали о предложениях России по изменению конституции СирииКороткая ссылка 26 января 2017, 15:0312Россия подготовила проект новой конституции Сирии, который был представлен на переговорах в Астане, сообщает РИА Новости со ссылкой на сам документ.Отмечается, что проект новой конституции Сирии исключает слово «арабская» из официального названия «Сирийская арабская республика».
«Сирийская республика является демократическим суверенным государством, основывается на верховенстве закона и равенстве всех граждан перед законом», — говорится в первой статье документа.
Также проект конституции включает в себя положение об использовании курдским населением в автономных районах своего языка наравне с официальным арабским и допускает изменение государственных границ только путем референдума.
Кроме того, проект конституции расширяет полномочия парламента республики.
«Народная ассамблея получает следующие полномочия: решение вопроса войны и мира, импичмент президента, назначение членов конституционного суда, назначение и смещение главы Национального (центрального) банка», — говорится в статье 44 документа.
Также проект конституции запрещает вооруженными силам республики вмешиваться в политическую сферу и вести действия против народа.
Кроме того, документ закрепляет превосходство международного права и международных договоров при их несоответствии внутреннему законодательству.
Ранее официальный представитель МИД России Мария Захарова заявила, что подготовленный Россией проект конституции Сирии является не фиксированной схемой действий, а набором идей и отправной точкой для дискуссии. Она отметила, что позиция России состоит в том, что Сирия должна быть единой, целостной, светской, демократической страной, однако сирийцам нужно самим определиться со своим государственным устройством.

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