Monday, November 21, 2016

Neo-cons, Kissinger and others demand from Trump a "New Order" of things: First we will take Tehran and, to do so, let's create a new (Un) Holy Alliance with new dictators and Russia and China for the best is to use enemies to defeat our enemies

Kissinger's and Niall Ferguson's imperial hope for Trump's new strategy and order: To form a new alliance of new and newly embraced dictators and with China and Russia against Iran--first things first. Thus to use future enemies to help overcome the enemies of today or tomorrow. And to write off democracy by assigning it to liberals and the liberal and Obama's weakness and frailty that impedes imperial mobilization. 
(Much like the latest and last Soviet leadership was used against the "Soviet Empire"--to dismantle it and handed it over or how the Obama administration tried to use Putin in Syria).

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