Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump's Triumph: The Principal Sociopath and Criminal in the Race Did Not Win in the End

The US nearly missed a chance of having Lady Macbeth as new commander in chief and her sociopathatic ego armed with nukes and the mightiest military force on earth under her command. Her elections HQs were set up as a stage for her imperial coronation with a triumphant carpeted pathway to a speaking stance placed in the middle of an outline in the shape of the US. In defeating her Trump and his supporters also defeated the corporate media united and the machines of both the parties. In the last hours of the vote, when the actual results came to be known to the powers that be despite all the rigging and lying about polls etc., the powers that be saw the writing on the wall and they decided not to aggravate the built-up wrath and popular revolt any more and to relent and return a bit of the leash to the beaten horse.

One of the good news of the last night was that the corporate media turned out to be the main losers together with Hillary. Trump and the Trump movement managed to defeat them, which in itself is a huge story. They have lied on behalf and in the interest of Hillary constantly, intensively and unscrupulously and still they lost. Now (already last evening) they started to scramble to explain how and their pollsters "got it wrong"--read: how they massively lied and how they still failed to make their lies stick.

The other great news of the night is that, very likely, Hillary had a nervous breakdown and went ballistic. Not only most likely she had no concession speech prepared, but she was also in no condition and in no spirit to "humiliate" her own narcissistic egomanian and ego-onanism by having to concede to Trump in front of the nation and in front of the cameras in a public speech. Much of what happened after 10 PM last night was simply about how to set it up so that she does not have to make a public concession speech when she was throwing fits and shooting bolts and arrows.

Mike Pence helped Trump win Indiana and, perhaps even more importantly, he served and serves for Trump as a bridge and buy-in into the national security establishment. 

Supporters of al Qaeda and ISIS-led jihad on Syria are pissed and upset that Hillary did not win. That includes part of US security establishment.

Despite pretended posturing to the contrary, Trump's victory isn't great news for Russian comprador oligarchs. Their boss did not win.

All the dazzling money and support could not save American "journalism" (please) from yet again trying to grossly mislead, deceive, lie and manipulate and create (impose) their own reality and views on the brains and souls of the deterrent masses who would buy and buy into opining as being told to.

NYT ( "All the dazzling technology, the big data and the sophisticated modeling that American newsrooms bring to the fundamentally human endeavor of presidential politics could not save American journalism from yet again being behind the story, behind the rest of the country.

The news media by and large missed what was happening all around it, and it was the story of a lifetime. The numbers weren’t just a poor guide for election night — they were an off-ramp away from what was actually happening."

"John King of CNN proclaimed to his huge election night audience that during the previous couple of weeks, “We were not having a reality-based conversation” ... You have to wonder how different the coverage might have been had the polls, and the data crunching, not forecast an almost certain Clinton victory. Perhaps there would have been a deeper exploration of the forces that were propelling Mr. Trump toward victory ..."
Obama's legacy? Superzsizing the dark force. In this respect it is hard now to gauge whether the ballooning of the US national debt under Obama (doubled and more than all the previous increases combined) was not as big as the ballooning of the size of al Qaeda and ISIS under his watch or the health insurance premiums. Ethically and morally, the ballooning of al Qaeda and ISIS into armies (much thanks to the Saudi military budget which is now bigger than that of Russia) is in my view the most grievous and damming of these three.
PS: One of the key (logical and substantive) problems with the rather popular (dis)information and meme presenting Trump as the strategically chosen "fall guy" or merely a foil for Hillary's win, which used to be spread by social activists on FB etc., was that it assumed that Trump does not like his money which he used to finance his campaign or that he likes to lose his money in order to make a joke of himself or that he is OK with being bashed by the political machines and the media as a humanity's supposed pariah and outcast just for the pleasure of making Hillary win. Among other things.


  1. The Saudis are pissed, because they just wasted 40 years of work. The plan was to infiltrate Abedin into the President's Office. They nearly did it, too... Abedin would surely have been Clinton's successor.

    Thus, the 46th POTUS would have been a Saudi' operative.

  2. You are obviously behind the curve... When the world witnessed BHO bowing to the Saudi King, it was obvious to one and all that he was a malevolent, black hearted, muslim bastard emplaced by the Saudis .... and adroitly practicing the Islamic art of deception known as taquiya. They did it.
    Jay Wolcott Sample