Friday, November 11, 2016

Messallina (Hillary) lost her bid to the imperial throne after trying to buy adoration and support from the plebeians and the proletarians (otherwise held in deep class contempt as her "deplorables" and "irredeemables") together with their souls, hearts and minds with some $2 billion spent on her "lovetrumphate" charming campaign

Politics of Washington is grounded in the archetypes of Roman imperial and republican politics just as the architecture and symbolism of Washington D.C. is deeply rooted in a project of refounding Rome and its universal project. (This would, moreover, make the would-be communist challenger and would-be alternative more akin to Rome's designated barbarians, perhaps Carthage, perhaps the Huns, or rather the Gauls, and much less Rome's own, original proletarians). 

Before the fog is lifted and more clarity renders deep secrets plain, one of the key differences between Trump, the President-elect, and Hillary Clinton, the would-be Empress and Queen of the Liberal Class, amounts in terms of style and direction to this:

Trump is an aesthete of sorts. He likes the sound of the word "beautiful" which he uses in his speeches, just as he used it in his victory speech on November 9. He also likes the euphonious, soft Czech sound of the name of his first wife and his daughter, Ivanka.

In contrast, Hillary's aesthetics belongs squarely to the world of Juliette, a main character in a revolutionary novel of one notorious French marquise.

Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State showed sufficiently well the intended trajectory in case of her ascendancy to the imperial throne--like the popes before the outbreak of religious wars in Europe she would be selling imperial indulgences for cash to the vassals and foreign clients. And like what she did as Secretary of State, she would also be cashing her office of President of the US in order to start catching up with the undeclared stashes of wealth of people like Putin.

In contrast, Trump is a man of deals who did, for example, know how to handle mafia in construction and building business in a way in which the result was profitable, solid and beautiful. However, Trump is also a builder unlike Hillary whose thymos is directed more to the needs of her personal lust. Thus, if for Hillary the main motivator is personal and often base profit, Trump sees the Empire as the potentially greatest business venture in existence the greatness of which now needs to be better and more efficiently used, which, among other things, also means to make the vassals pay higher tributes and taxes.

Messallina/Nero (Hillary) lost to Marcus Licinius Crassus.

Yes, John Bolton, one of the ultra warmongers (back from the days of George W. Bush) is considered as one of the possible candidates for Trumps' Secretary of State.

Trump does sound positive on the horrible idea of the "safe zones" and "no flight zones" in Syria, which is tantamount to open intervention.

Trump  did and does promise annulment of the Iranian deal would increase the chances of war by one or two orders.

One positive: with Hillary you would get the same and with gusto, and much else on top of it.

Obama now agreed to drop some bombs also on the "moderate allies" of al Qaeda in Syria--after talking to trump. Putinists cry foul for they think that it's Putin who should be credited with Obama's decision and that Obama is bowing to Putin's pressure, genius and charm of which there is no trace the Obama administration would even slightly aware of.

Thesis: The never-ending song of history keeps moving and pushing ahead through self-contradicting paradoxes: The apparent anti-war Republican (sic) candidate, actually much a Democrat for most of his life and Democrat on social issues, has beaten the chief Republican candidate of the Democratic Party and the best buddy and hope of George W. Bush and John McCain.

PS: Just for the record. Shortly after on the election night when I tweeted my observation that the news networks had been artificially playing for time since about 10 PM (till 2 AM) because Hillary was amok and could not concede, Fox News (at that time like the rest becoming non-news), personally Megyn Kelly herself, suddenly thought that they did need to explain the weird stoppage of news and elections updates by assuring the tired and exhausted viewers that this was all because statistics and counting is a serious science, which, unlike all the times before, would require this time an unknown amount of time and perhaps even days to produce the decisive result (just as the result was to be announced after just in less than an hour). It was important not to let the people see that there must have been some central command and decision (and an embargo on the news) which all the news networks immediately obeyed and enacted out accordingly in order to cover up the short lived, but deeply telling and revealing crisis. Thus Kelly got up and marched to a small adjacent desk with some 5 men at computers and talked to the chief statistician. I liked especially his claim that we might know the results of the elections perhaps only in few days later because of some damn "absentee ballots from Detroit." Nothing to be seen here, but yes you can blink, and keep moving along.

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