Saturday, May 23, 2020

The real and lethal contradiction between Marxist materialism and communist idealism

Paradox of Marxist materialism: how to sustain idealism of the communists with the exclusive emphasis on the completely materialistic mindset and belief system? Sooner or later this contradiction and paradox had to be resolved by the victory of idealism over materialism or materialism over idealism. For several generations idealism was winning against its official materialism. Idealists also carried the Red Army to the victories from 1917 to 1945 while materialists adhered to their calculus of materialist self-interest driven and defined by "external conditions." Then the US reinvented materialism and turned it into a virtual guarantee of happiness or happy consumerism for the unprecedented large number of people in society. Happy consumerism became new popular idealism within a thoroughly materialistic new civilization. And the game was over for communist materialists whose idealism largely died and continued on as its mere faking. The Soviet Union too was sold off and sent to Hell--together with all its people--so that its higher and highest nomenklatura can also become part of the happiest and richest consumers on earth.

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