Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Platonist’s Reply to Mei Yaochen’s Sorrow

Mei Yaochen:
“But no one
Has ever come
Back from the

Underground Springs.”
Why are they, and rightly,
Called the Springs
If nowhere they go?

That’s why I believe
That the Springs are true
And Springs for real.
And what makes

Mei Yaochen
Or anyone believe
That from nowhere
We came to a life,

That even now
We’re not returned
That there’s a place
Or something

That doesn’t give (out)
Anything it has
Even though
We are and myriads

Of other beings past
Our own and
Everyone else’s counting
And that if there are

At least two points,
Partial and discreet,
There’s only one way
The part in-between is crossed?

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