Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 11: Navalny agreed to debate Strelkov

Navalny has accepted Strelkov's proposal to have a public political debate.
Objectively, Navalny should represent the higher, civilizationally more advanced form of European liberalism as opposed to the mafia banditism of colonial Putinism. However, subjectively and in reality Navalny appears to be a younger type of a Maidan political leader who promises to carry out the dictate of the West a bit more effectively. For colonies are not entitled to the more advanced forms of liberalism, especially when the plan is not to save and keep the country as we know it.
Objectively, Strelkov ought to be the buried honor, conscience and courage of a Russian officer in a situation when the army has been serving as a protector and handmaid of Russia's own colonial administration and its systemic plunder and degradation of the country and the people. In Slavyansk Strelkov was supposed to be in accordance with the Kremlin's original plan a sacrificial victim and a proof of the vanity in opposing fascist Ukraine which Putin recognized legitimate as soon as he could (with Strelkov still in Slavyansk) and with the head of which--Poroshenko--Putin keeps frequent cordial and good-humored calls peppered with laughter and jokes. Strelkov was also chosen as a monarchist for the mission in Ukraine in order to color the original idea and impetus of Novorossiya as a part of the new pseudo-feudal czarism which the Kremlin promotes as its last word (just before a more full fledged mafia fascism). Subjectively and in fact Strelkov is an officer whose meaning of life is to keep asking and waiting for the once "true righteous command" from his commander in chief to save Russia even though Putin is busier with faking his PR polls, faking in churches piety to the serfs his mafia oligarchy has created instead of the people whom he crossed as easily as he crosses himself in holy places or carrying out the Western licence and instructions to keep Russia down and abject and masking his Lilliputian height with specially designed shoes and photoshopped pictures.

Still the announced debates might be as well the only real public debate in the Russian presidential campaign.

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