Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Putin feeds the world via Oliver Stone a US combat footage from Afghanistan with an added audio from Ukrainian pilots bombing Donbass, apparently believing and saying that he is showing an action of Russian Air Force. Most likely this was not just a Kremlin's mistake, but a clever setup and a message.

As the world now knows Putin proudly showed on his cellphone to Oliver Stone in the much advertised "documentary" "our [Russian] Air Force," supposedly attacking ISIS in Syria, which, however, turned out to be an old recording of a US Apache attack on the Taliban militants in Afghanistan. However, that's not all. The American footage misrepresented as one by Russia's armed forces was, moreover, enhanced by a deliberately added voice in the place of the original speech by US servicemen. The new voice over happened to be an audio track of Ukrainian pilots conducting military operations against the people of Donbass. Evidently Putin was fed this tempered video specially for him to boast of it to Stone and through Stone to the whole world at large. Putin's use of the video, however, shows not only his unfamiliarity with Russian pilots' cockpit cameras and recordings.

The use of the video, which combined an appropriation of a US video original with an audio of pilots fighting for Ukraine against Donbass has very neatly demonstrated not only the extent of Putin's own competence, but also as a minimum the ability of his PR staff and even intelligence apparatus to sabotage his information and thereby to effectively subvert one of Putin's most important PR events, which cost the Kremlin some good money (officially at least $3.5 million paid to Stone) and that was in the making for the last two years.

However, since the video is actually presenting US military and Ukrainian military at the same time (the former in action and on video, the latter as speakers) would also strongly suggest that Kiev itself managed to subvert and sabotage what information Putin is being personally fed or--and more likely--the US has thus very poignantly demonstrated how well and how effectively it can control and feed Putin military and PR (dis)information.

The original:

The video with false voice over and already falsely claimed to have been made by a a crew of a (Russian) MI-28H was posted by "Edelveis Ararat" on YouTube back on March 9, 2016 as one if his only three videos he posted on YouTube:

However already back then a Russian comment under the video identified the video as a fake and identified correctly the footage as one belonging to a US Apache; the Russian commentator moreover also correctly identified the provenance of the audio--from the battle for the Donetsk airport by Ukrainian MI-24s:

"РАЗВОД ПОЛНЫЙ !!! - стрельба происходит с AH-64 «Apache» индикация на английском - а аудиозапись с печально известных событий 2014 боев за донецкий аэропорт (первый провальный штурм "Востоком") это известные переговоры украинских пилотов ми 24"

(The name of the Youtube user, Edelveis Ararat, who posted the US military video falsely as a Russian military footage from Syria with Ukrainian pilots' voices is interesting--Edelveiss was the symbol or also a name of the 6th SS Mountain Division Nord, The SS Division's Edelveiss/Hagal rune symbol partially resembles--minus the two horizontal arrows--the present day's symbol
for neo-fascist Chaos. The edelweiss flower was also the symbol of Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger, or mountain rangers. There was also the World War II Luftwaffe unit, Kampfgeschwader 51 (51st Bomber Wing) was known as the Edelweiss Wing. In addition, the edelweiss was also the favorite flower of Adolf Hitler's, viz the recording "Adolf
Hitlers Lieblingsblume ist das schlichte Edelweiß" (1934), sung by Harry Steier. After World War II,
the edelweiss flower became a common symbol worn by today's United States Army's 1st Battalion
10th Special Forces Group Airborne Soldiers. The 1-10th SFG(A) Soldiers adopted the symbol under the command of (Ret.) Col. Aaron Banks after they occupied the former Waffen SS officer school (Junkerschule) at Flint Kaserne. "Edelveisse" is a compound word made of "noble" and "white." As a symbol, it stands for "great sacrifice.")

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