Friday, March 3, 2017

Genesis of the Left's Demise and Impotence: From Khrushchev to Zyuganov and from CIA's Marcuse to the insemination of Marx with Freud (Marcuse, Lacan, Foucault, Zizek etc.) and the CIA declassified 1986 report on "Defection of Leftist Intellectuals"

Apparently, in 2011, the CIA decided to declassify and release this remarkable study of French thought and intellectuals both on the left and on the right and the defection and self-abnegation of the former and the rise of the latter.

CIA report: New Left's adoption of anti-Sovietism in France was "accompanied by a decline of intellectual life"
CIA report:Every Communist intellectual heavyweight either defected or died or easily moved to the right and refused to defend the old cause
CIA report: rejuvenation of intellectual activity of the Right (in the name of "shrinking its own role") matched ossification of the left.
CIA report: (just like the USSR leadership) the CPF made a deal with the right already in 1968 and restrained workers for the right's sake
"Popular image of leftist intellectual" pointing to the right in the wind of change by CIA. It's a bird,it's a plane
CIA report: the left intellectuals self-abnegation was greatly helped by promotion, comm treason/impotence (1968) and Solzhenitsyn's books.
CIA report: by the early 1980s, the New Left made it legit to speak the language of the anti-communist liberals and call commies fascists

CIA report: Foucault and the New Left helped with praise the (fascist) New Right.
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@valechaim Не помню кто из коммунистов сказал в 80-х, на излете СССР: "Коммунистов -нет, остались одни ЧЛЕНЫ"
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Olga Kosova Были бы коммунисты - был бы СССР
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The CIA was a pioneer in transgender studies, changing and flipping the matrix of being from one to zero: what was smth became a new nothing

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