Friday, December 9, 2016

The Atlantic achieved two strategic feats: 1) it raised a profile of a small US Nazi group to a national and global level and tried hard--much like Hillary and her followers--to link these Nazis to D. Trump (and thus to hitch them to US Presidency and national politics), which is a claim not only popular among a portion of the Democrats and Hillary's followers, but also among a notable portion of the "left." However, likely inadvertently, trying to mold and manipulate awareness, this effort has also brought out of the shadow the damning connection between Dugin's movement and these Nazis and their use and program

Here is what looks and talks like a genuine Nazi. Richard B. Spencer. Also a husband of Nina Byzantina (Kouprianova) a leading and perhaps the best known Duginist in North America. [It is, however, also claimed on Spencer's wikipedia page that he separated from his wife this last October].
All the Hillarists and much of the left try to see or see Richard Spencer to be the "real meaning" behind the rise of Donald Trump and, as you can see, the Atlantic tries to reinforce the sub-sumption or assimilation too.
Through Kouprianova and Spencer (an interesting and revealing merger of two people and apparently of two cultures or worlds as well) we have here an interesting and peculiar case; like Dugin himself, they represent those well represented Putinistis who have also supported Trump against Hillary. That's apparently where these right-wing Duginists and Putinists, however, disagree with the interesting case of the Putinists leftists (at least some of them) who, mightily supportive of anti-communist and anti-Soviet Putin, draw a line against people like Dugin or Spencer.
I have myself found out about the tight connection between Byzantina/Kouprianova and Richard Spencer perhaps only just a month ago or so--almost at the same time when I learned about the existence of Spencer himself whose existence was amplified and illuminated in the MSM because of the presidential campaign and the MSM campaign against Trump.
At any rate, the video is a stunning spectacle, and Spencer and his audience are clearly very, absolutely serious about what they want and what they believe. They do use few mildly coded expressions, but that coding is but a thin, flimsy coat.
One part of Spencer's speech is especially noteworthy. He speaks that the press tried to delegitimize Trump and his presidency. By all accounts some of these efforts still continue. However, he then adds that "they" (the press or some other forces too?) are thereby "only opening the doors to us." I do think that the word "us" does mean Spencer and his buddies who, to repeat, look and talk and salute like Nazis.
Well, the one big problem with the so-called left is that many of them (especially in the West) taught themselves worship of the (figure)head of Russia's oligarchic, right-wing, comprador, mafia regime. Their ideological cousins in Ukraine then ended up either voting for and supporting the Maidan coup or also became useless both when the people in Donbass were demanding a social revolution and a national-liberation struggle or when Moscow pro-oligarchs managers and curators moved in and "betrayed" what the elite and the system has been betraying systematically at least for the last 25 years (and even longer).
So, in many respects, we have an interesting situation at hand. Politically the left today means very little, if anything (and by the left I don't mean here the US Democrats that are often in U.S. political discourse identified with it).
At the same time, till this presidential campaign (till 2015), Donald Trump had no political weight himself either. Now he is the President-Elect.
Richard Spencer has his think tank and organization, but, largely, he is still or has been (till now) a political non-entity. But now his video--thanks to the Atlantic--has gone viral and he can no longer be ignored or to be unknown.
Thus, we have a rising clash and collision of the knowns and the increasingly known former political non-entities. Just shortly after Putin sent his now former chief of staff and his still current minister of culture to unveil in the former Leningrad, his native city, a memorial plaque to fascist Marshall Mannerheim who helped Hitler and Nazi Germany lay the deadly siege on the heroic Soviet city.
The political maps are changing, and some of the old compasses either point to the lands and places that no longer exist or/and the old forces of darkness began exerting their renewed magnetic force.
Amazingly, this video with excerpts from Spencer's speech has already reached over 43 million views--only on FB and over 2 million views of a similar video posted on YouTube.

The Atlantic is preparing a special documentary on this man, which ought to be aired in December.

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