Friday, December 9, 2016

Lavrov: Fate of Donbass ought to be ruled by Steinmeier's formula, the formula of Germany to which we already agreed more than a year ago

In Hamburg Lavrov disclosed that, already on October 2, 2015, Russia agreed that the status of fate of Donbass ought to be based on/carried out in accordance with "the formula" of Germany, that is, Germany's Foreign Minister Steinmeier. According to this formula, the law on a special status of Donbass, which would finally and completely dissolve the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, would become effective on the day of the Minsk-prescribed "elections" in Donbass (meant to replace the existing political structures of the republics). The status would then become permanent once OSCE officially approves and certifies (expresses its endorsement) of the result of the OSCE-controlled "elections." Lavrov did not mention here that, according to the Minsk deal, the control of the borders of the republics with Russia are also to be placed under Kiev's control on the very next day after the "elections."

Thus, here we have it--Putin's cunning plan for Donbass became Germany's or Steinmeier's cunning plan.

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  1. Translated into Serbian:

    Владимир Сучан: Испаде да је лукав план Путина за Донбас у ствари немачки или Штајнмајеров лукав план -