Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Story of the Overdue Russian Humanitarian Convoy for Novorossiya: Poverty and Brilliance of Moscow's "Ukrainian" Policy in a Nutshell

Update on the status of the Russian humanitarian convoy: nearly 300 trucks are now parked in heat (42 Celsius or over 90 Fahrenheit) for a second day some 35 km from the border crossing point in Izvarino, which from the former Ukrainian side is now actually controlled by the Lugansk People's Republic. The Russian government invited to the site and free inspection of the humanitarian shipment not only Western media, who could not care less about the humanitarian situation in Donbass, but also a regiment of the Ukrainian army, which, several platoons strong, is already on the site. It is also evident that, while the Russian government tried to be as much as accommodating and forthcoming towards the Nazi junta, the Ukrainian soldiers are part of Kiev's blocking action. The Kiev regime tries to delay the humanitarian convoy or better to prevent it from reaching the people in need in Donbass.

In this respect, the Russian government is continuing in a way its previous appeasement policy, which had almost strangled Novorossiya by the end of June. For by letting the Nazi regime be an arbiter of the timing, status, if not the fate, of the convoy, the Russian government is still basically declaring that it recognizes the Nazi junta's sovereignty over the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic.

And, worse still, the Nazi junta, which is in the midst of attempted ethnic cleansing campaign against ethnic Russians in Donbass and also in Ukraine, is also the one which approval Putin's government is seeking and waiting for.  So Moscow is asking Kiev to be nice (try that with the Nazis who are adamantly hostile) despite the fact that the Kiev regime is the one who tries all it can to turn Donbass into a humanitarian disaster zone and has largely succeeded in achieving this through deliberate discrimination of its artillery and missile fire against the civilians. In a word, Moscow is putting itself in a position of asking a war criminal for approval with a marginal improvement of the situation the exact opposite of which is the intent of the criminal regime in Kiev.

While the convoy is waiting, and the invited Ukrainian soldiers are killing their time on the site (and thus also killing the urgency and point of the emergency assistance), terrorist groups from the battalions of Avakov, the Kiev minister of interior, and oligarch Kolomeysky have been busy and also caught in mining the convoy's expected portions of the road.

In other words, if Novorossiya is now trying to establish a fully functional and effective government, similar measures (to get its acts together) are also overdue on the part of Putin's government and its Ukrainian policies.

And then quite a quiet bombshell exploded on August 16 at Izvarino--at the border crossing point where the Russian humanitarian convoy is stuck. The official representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross, whom Moscow has effectively put in charge of the Russian convoy, made a statement to the press in which he several times effectively identified Ukraine and Russia as the two parties to the conflict--the one and the same conflict in Donbass.

At the same time, the ICRC is also de facto excluding the authorities of Novorossiya from this classification. In fact, the ICRC representative did not mention the authorities of Novorossiya at all. (Listen especially to the first half of the press briefing)

So here you have it. Russia is trying to send humanitarian aid to Novorossiya, it asks the ICRC to help do it, and the ICRC dutifully in return defines Russia as one of the two parties to the conflict. 

The ICRC also explained that they made the fate of the convoy and this humanitarian aid dependent not only on the Nazi junta's general consent, which is not coming, but also on the Kiev junta's "security guarantees," which, with the US and EU support for the Nazis in Kiev, gives Poroshenko, the Nazi oligarch in chief now, a veto power over Russian humanitarian aid. 

Even if Kiev formally gives "security guarantees" (meaning that it will not try to attack the humanitarian convoy), which is now more than doubtful, a formal assurance from the Nazi junta has no credibility given its lies and attempted coverups of the Maidan snipers, the Odessa massacre, the downing of the Malaysian airliner by Ukrainian fighter jets, systematic killings of the civilians in Donbass, systematic violations of the rules of war, and its being already caught in trying to organize attacks on the very same convoy.

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  1. I hope you write this in Russian and send it to officials of the Russian Federation. Completely agree with your observations and Russia should have told the ICRC they needed to deal with the LPR.