Saturday, August 16, 2014

Poroshenko, the Brown Oligarch-Dictator in Chief

Poroshenko, the Ukrainian oligarch now in chief, is doing his Sieg Heil when greeted by a soldier still in the old Soviet-style uniform. Thanks to Gorbi and others like him, the Soviet past and old Soviet ammunition is now being used by today's new Nazis in Kiev against ethnic Russians and ethnic Russians. The irony and the point seems to be entirely lost on the guy in the uniform saluting the junta's presiding butcher--as on the many other Ukrainians who betrayed the memory of the seven million Ukrainians killed in World War II by the Nazis and who sold out to the new followers of Stepan Bandera, an SS officer, a war criminal, and then a CIA hire.

Poroshenko has been otherwise busy on the phone with the leaders of the West. It is certain that none of the Western leaders dared to ask Poroshenko for denied recordings and evidence about the attempted false flag terror attack on the Malaysian airliner. The initial anti-Russian and anti-Putin deliberately orchestrated hysteria has turned into hermetic, deliberately orchestrated silence among the accomplices.

While Poroshenko is still (for now) producing chocolate in Russia, he is busy producing death, corpses, and suffering in the east of what used to be Ukraine. And as he is making it very clear in his pleas to the pseudo-democratic and pseudo-humanitarian West, he is desperate to get all the aid he can get.

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