Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Minsk Deal Three Months After; Lavrov wonders on behalf of Moscow: How come that we are punished for our concessions?

The Minsk Agreements, for which Putin claims a major credit, not only saved the Kiev regime's military from total annihilation, but they also ensured that the army of Novorossiya would not undertake any further offensive, thus ensuring the fascist troops a major degree of safety and impunity as well as a secured and guaranteed opportunity to continue shelling of the cities of Donbass. This also comes with safety and ease for continuing terror in the occupied parts of Donbass.

Once Moscow signed on the Minsk Deal of September 5, Russia immediately received further sanctions--the very next morning. This is how weakness and unprincipled policies are rewarded.

As Lavrov confessed in his December 9 interview, and expressed his and Moscow's misplaced suprise: "We should ask our European partners why Russia deserves punishments for the Minsk Agreements? How can we make ourselves likeable to you? So far we have not received a response." (Lavrov: "Кстати, о последней, сентябрьской волне санкций было объявлено на утро после их подписания. Это нонсенс. Интересно спросить европейских партнеров, если уж, по вашему мнению, Россия заслуживает наказания за минские договоренности, то чем же мы вообще можем вам понравиться? Ответов до сих пор нет. Я слышал интерпретацию этой ситуации, когда бывшие брюссельские руководители вопреки договоренностям о дополнительном согласовании не стали ни с кем советоваться и объявили об этих санкциях.") http://www.mid.ru/brp_4.nsf/0/DEBE8BCA15DA7356C3257DA90045074C

Similarly, as Evgeny Primakov, Putin's mentor and advocate of appeasement himself admitted, the US and the EU first demanded that Russia consent with the legitimacy of the "presidential elections" by the junta on May 25. Russia did and was awarded with sanctions anyway. The West then demanded that Russia declares Poroshenko Ukraine's legitimate president. Russia did and was paid for her concessions with new sanctions, in exchange. The West then demanded that Russia start negotiating with the junta (under the terms or, at least, in the direction chartered by the West), and Russia obeyed and again received further sanctions as the West's insurance of further concessions and increased pressure. http://anna-news.info/node/25390

The West thus achieved from Moscow recognition of the Banderite, anti-Russian regime in Kiev as legitimate.

In all this, the Kremlin also forfeited pretense of principles, moral compass, and leadership.

As confirmed by reports on the ground, the new "period of silence" introduced today was used, as in previous cases, for the Kiev regime to dispatch to the frontline unhindered columns with reinforcement and deploy them for combat without any fear of being harassed.

The people of Donbass are coming to believe that, for Moscow and its executive servants, they are treated either as an non-entity or as a means of exchange in order to guarantee security and comfort to the ruling oligarchy (the existence of which is denied)--both in Russia and Ukraine.

Sergey Lavrov declared today on behalf of Novorossiya, clearly without bothering to listen much to anyone there, that Donetsk and Lugansk want back into Ukraine, which is destroying them, making it sound as if they are actually now begging to have a "common political and humanitarian space" with the Nazi junta restored for them much like Russia restored the supplies of gas and goal to Kiev. [Lavrov: "Судя по публичным заявлениям новоизбранных лидеров Юго-Востока, Донбасс готов к экономическому взаимодействию с украинской стороной, к восстановлению общего экономического, гуманитарного и политического пространства."] As Lavrov stated, "Russia made and continues making a huge contribution in order to support Ukraine--giving Kiev as of lately some $ 32.5-33.5 billion." ["Россия уже внесла и продолжает вносить огромный вклад в поддержку Украины – только за последнее время порядка 32,5-33,5 млрд. долл."] http://www.mid.ru/brp_4.nsf/newsline/4B6A1101EB552C6CC3257DA90036A329

In the same interview, Lavrov also admitted: "However, Washington boldly continues to insist on 'the principled impossibility' for the US to allow even for partial 'legitimization' of the Assad regime." Unlike Lavrov and Moscow in relation to the Nazis in Kiev where Russia went all the way in terms of their legitimization, as demanded by the US. ["Однако в Вашингтоне упрямо продолжают твердить о «принципиальной невозможности» для США идти пусть даже на косвенную «легитимизацию» режима Б.Асада."]

If one puts pretense and political correctness aside and decides to actually listen to the actual voice of the people of Donbass, then one has to hear this:

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