Tuesday, March 16, 2021

On the "Untermensch" Fascists who, to whitewash themselves and to make themselves more palatable to the public, also try hard to whitewash Nietzsche, using--behold!--like the cheapest plagiarists much the same soaps and devices which the liberals already used to whitewasch Nietzsche before them


One of the pathetic things about today's crypto fascists who did outlast and outmaneuvered the communists (even if with a good deal of help from the Vatican or things like Paperclip--a bit employment program for the Nazi elite) is that as they try to whitewash themselves, they are also whitewashing Nietzsche, the "dark god" of thought (to paraphrase him very lightly) and in doing so they absolutely depend on the LIBERAL whitewashing and taming of Nietzsche founded on the work of Walter Kaufmann (and they do hate liberals); sometimes they show their own incompetence by claiming that Nietzsche was against fascists and Nazis, apparently now even knowing when Nietzsche was actually alive; they appear to hear of Nietzsche's Blond Beast for for the first time someone else mentions that to them and then they quickly reach for the first "explanation" or banalization of the term offered to them by the liberal Google and its searching algorithm. 
While no half-decent Platonists can be falling for Nietzsche who, from the start, recognized in himself a new radical enemy of Socrates, even in his grave Nietzsche would have be greatly grieved to see how many stripes and zoo varieties of fascists do follow him, bereft of "taste" which was paramount to him and basic literary competences (depending on basic memes, slogans and Google for knowing their Master) which (the literary competence), as a philologist, also greatly mattered to him.