Monday, September 22, 2014

When History Combines Tragedy and Comedy into One, Then You Are Either Initiated at Last or Screwed (Or What Happened in Donetsk Late Night on Friday, September 19)

Report from Strelkov: "[Sad] news for Donetsk--last Saturday, in a restaurant in Moscow, sixty people were celebrating victory. They were led by Surkov. On behalf of the DPR, Boroday, Zakharchenko, and Purgin had a great time there."

23.09.14. 01:30. Сообщение от Стрелкова Игоря Ивановича.

"Сегодня весь вечер слушал "делегатов" из Донецка. Пятерых выслушал. Очень печальные впечатления. Делиться не буду, но скажу лишь, что МНЕ СТЫДНО ЗА НЕКОТОРЫХ СОРАТНИКОВ ИЗ ЧИСЛА КОМАНДИРОВ. Надеюсь, им передадут мои слова и они поймут - за кого конкретно (и почему) мне стыдно. 
Ряд командиров с сегодняшнего дня перестанут получать гуманитарку от наших тыловых подразделений. На это у меня еще "власти" хватит.
"Порадую" немного дончан - в минувшую субботу в Москве, в ресторане, "праздновали победу" 60 человек во главе с Сурковым. От ДНР "гуляли" Бородай, Захарченко и Пургин."

"Порадую" немного дончан - в минувшую субботу в Москве, в ресторане, "праздновали победу" 60 человек во главе с Сурковым. От ДНР "гуляли" Бородай, Захарченко и Пургин.

Confirmed (by Mozgovoy and others): The Supreme Soviet of the DPR initially unanimously voted down the Minsk memorandum. Then, the secession was quickly reconvened, and Kalashnikovs were added for moral support to the ambiance. Under these new convincing and appeasing arguments, a new thinking prevailed, and the Supreme Soviet changed its mind, as Moscow requested. Everything is fine, and everyone should stay calm.

On this incredible hands-off-hands-on management ("voting at gunpoint in the Supreme Soviet of the Donetsk People's Republic) in order to implement the Minsk Protocol at any cost, as Lavrov indicated, as they would, see Mozgovoy's statement (for now just in Russian):

The West has been outsmarted again, and the secret plan both confirms and refutes inscrutable Divine Providence by its own inscrutableness. The junta has been yet again defeated, and those who worried are simply not as smart as the rest of us who always think the same, thinking the same meme over and over again, once we are told to do so. And to think outside the meme means to think too much and, if we do so, then we would not be able to outsmart the West or appreciate our own intelligence.

The Minsk Protocol is essentially a different way for Putin making good on his request to postpone (upon the request of the West and Kiev) the referenda in Donetsk and Lugansk. Putin made his plea to postpone (read: cancel) the referenda just five days after the Odessa massacre. The massacre was carried out in Odessa, the city-hero, on May 2 by the very same Nazi junta. The junta's "legitimacy" was to be restored via the electoral farce that made Poroshenko president with some 54% votes right in the first round. Most previous polls were giving Poroshenko only some 20%.

Holding the deputies at gunpoint was needed, to use Lavrov's own expressions, to "implement [the Minsk Deal] without any attempts to disrupt the process," to implement it in each and every point and respect (changing Novorossiya to "special regions" of Lugansk and Donetsk, accepting the junta's law on their status, replacing the army of Novorossiya with new "local" police force, having Kiev-run local elections, recognizing the supremacy/sovereignty of the junta, "Ukraine," hence the US  and NATO). For, as Lavrov also emphasized earlier, "Russia is against all that may hinder the implementation of the Minsk accords ... [Russia] will seek [their] fulfillment."

It seems that Lavrov thinks that once the US established Ukraine as its protectorate, the US should not give them any discretion or freedom to act on their own: "It is unacceptable for the West to give Kiev the freedom act at its own discretion for months ..." And it seems that Lavrov has a similar view of Novorossiya.

As Dmitry Medvedev said the whole point of all this is to trust the government and its NWO partners and hope that this confidence will be converted soon into making more money for oneself.

Medvedev verbatim: "Today we have a unique opportunity to convert people's confidence in the Government ... [into a chance] to work and make money ... and protect them from unscrupulous officials. ... [For] everything is relative." And unscrupulously convertible.

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  1. "Betray me once, shame on you. Betray me twice and you are dead." Or close to that at my South Chicago gangster clan grandma's knee. Also, "You can never trust your friends to tell you when you are wrong, only your enemies can do that." Tough clan. Many murder victims.