Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What we owe to Commander Alexey Mozgovoy

In the style of theses:

1. Among both Novorossiya and Russian leaders, it was also only Mozgovoy who grasped the connection between Nazism and oligarchy. 

Like everything, oligarchy, for which the people are but a commodity and resource to be exploited, also evolves. And, at a certain point, fascism and then even its more vicious, beastly, aggressive, and tyrannical Nazi form is born--an attempt to reset society and mankind back to primordial all-out slavery, brutality and cruelty (so much praised and heralded by Nietzsche).

2. After Mozgovoy's removal, which commander or leader is still speaking against
oligarchs and for Novorossiya? Obviously, that was the point of his assassination.

3. Those who ordered Mozgovoy's death also sought to silence and eliminate his positive program of narodovlastie, building up a new and true people's republic. Under Surkov's/Kremlin's management, the character of people's republics qua people's republics has been suppressed and blocked. Mozgovoy was the last notable representative of this political program and ideal.

4. However, it is Mozgovoy's program of anti-oligarchic narodovlastie, which represents the only possible and viable common base for inspiring and winning the hearts and the minds of the rest of Ukraine.

5. Thus, eliminating Mozgovoy, the murderers also eliminated or tried to eliminate the one leader who effectively tried and could address and stir the people of Ukraine on the behalf of Novorosssiya. In contrast, under its Minsk's cunning, Moscow was limiting itself mainly to addressing itself "esteemed Pyotr Alekseyevich" (endearing way of addressing Poroshenko, the leader of the Bandera junta) and "our partners"--the Bandera oligarchs in power.

6. However, there are some possible signs that, after the Kremlin appears to have come to understand during these last few days that the US plan was all along to handle Putin like Milosevic,
Saddam or Qaddafi, the war in Ukrainian might have become "personal."

7. Reviewing Lavrov's established record and speeches, I cannot find a moment where he would undertake any PR blitz, campaign or at least defense of Novorossiya ... or at least him being more consistently vocal on behalf of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. Clearly, Minsk (where his heart is) does not allow him that or the fact that, for most part, he invested a lot of his credibility and prestige in supporting the junta's "peace party," which has always been a myth and an utter fiction.

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